Taking care of our hands is so important, especially because they do so much for us, all day, every day. To maintain overall health, we need to replenish and repair any damage done with the correct amount of moisture and nourishment. Also, much like the neck, the hands are among the first parts of the body to age. If you don't address their needs during your wellness routine, their constant use will continue to cause wear and tear, leading to unwanted fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots.

Between daily chores, food preparation, and various work needs, our hands are constantly facing additional damage every time we rinse, wash, and sanitize. And let's be honest, has there ever been a time in your life, prior to COVID-19, where you've found yourself washing your hands and sanitizing as often as you are now? I think we can safely assume the answer is, probably not. That means, your precious hands are experiencing even more draught, cracks, dryness, and possibly pain. While yes, we are suggesting it's best to add yet another step to your skincare regimen and what can seem to be, your never-ending "To Do" list, we invite you to think about it from a different perspective. Just like working out, or eating nutritious foods to fuel your body, embracing your skincare (yes, even your hands!) is one more way to thank and celebrate yourself during these unprecedented, unique times.

Now, how many times have you purchased a lotion, cream, or salve, only to feel the need to keep reapplying over and over again, before - if ever - your hands feel satisfied? Many of the products on the market today are water-based and filled with harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances that don't penetrate the skin deeply enough, leaving behind a greasy residue, or sucking out any moisture you had instead of locking it in. Not too mention, you are absorbing the harmful chemicals and synthetics into your bloodstream, and that my friends is a huge part of why HEALFUL JOY was created. To provide health and beauty products that heal and replenish without all the junk. Hooray!

So look no further, friends. I AM SOOTHED is here to save the day! HEALFUL JOY's decadent and luxurious extra moisturizing organic hand salve will leave your hands grateful and happy. It is designed to be the perfect tool for healing even the toughest of skin and create the smoothness you've been longing for.

I AM SOOTHED is made with Organic Extra Virgin Cold-Pressed Olive Oil, Organic Almond Oil, Organic Vitamin E(45,000 IU), Organic Beeswax, Certified Therapeutic Grade Lemon, Lime, Spearmint & Jasmine Essential Oils.

Easy Hand Restoration Routine

1) Gently exfoliate the palms, fingers, and cuticles with our organic sugar scrub,


2) Rinse hands in warm water, opening up the pores

3) Take a small amount of I AM SOOTHED and massage into the skin for at least one minute **Re-apply salve after washing hands, or as needed**

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Happy Monday, Happy Hands.


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