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Looking to take your beauty and wellness routine one step further?

HEALFUL JOY's I AM POLISHED, organic sugar scrub, gently removes excess dirt and oil from the skin's surface, buffing away dead skin cells and opening up pores to reveal your natural glow! This magnificent sugar scrub is safe to use all over the body. Thanks to its unique and nourishing blend of organic cane sugar, organic coconut oil, HEALFUL JOY's organic rose-infused almond oil, certified therapeutic grade geranium, myrrh & ylang-ylang essential oils, your skin is bound to fall in love. Yes, please!

We're so proud of this product, and even more thrilled to see what others feel about it too. Holly, from Florida, shared this with us the other day.

"I’ve used and loved this scrub on my body. But I have really oily skin - I am never without my oil blotting sheets, ever! I have sensitive skin, so I was a bit apprehensive to use this on my face. Due to my deep adoration for many of the other HEALFUL JOY products I use and love, I had to try it on my face. My face LOVED IT! It gave superior softness and hydration, different from any other exfoliator and moisturizer I’ve used (which is many over the years). I use it at night, and in the morning, my skin still feels smooth, wonderful, and satisfied. I AM POLISHED has transformed my oily skin. It is far less oily and irritated, and all-around better! I highly recommend this product to anyone with oily skin or any type of skin for that matter - it is fabulous. I love this product, I love this brand! This luxury in a jar gives me a spa-like experience at home any time I want it."

Needless to say, we are jumping for joy! Are you ready to jump for joy with us?

Head on over to our shop page to place your order.

This 8-ounce luxury in a jar is only $15

Happy shopping..


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