Created in the 1920s, parabens are chemical compounds designed to diminish organisms and bacteria known to grow on products containing biodegradable ingredients. By doing so, the shelf life of those products was vastly longer. From body lotion to perfume, these harmful additives leave us, at HEALFUL JOY, wondering why they are even used at all.

How do we know it's possible to make body care items without parabens? Why doesn't HEALFUL JOY put any in our recipes? That’s right, zero, ZILCH. HEALFUL JOY uses clean, single ingredients that not only provide our customers with the safest option but also the clearest one. Have you ever read a label and found a word - or, seven - or twenty, you couldn’t say or have no clue as to what they were? Our rule is if you can’t pronounce it, or you don't know what it is, chances are you'd be better off NOT putting it on your body.

Over the last century, parabens have become a staple in leading wellness lines. An alarming amount of personal care products are filled with them, making their way onto, and into bodies around the world. Many companies have claimed parabens have earned an unfair reputation, simply so they can keep producing at a massive rate, and rapidly grow their revenues. However, studies have revealed paraben detection in babies of women who used products with parabens during pregnancy, proving the intensity of these chemicals in the bloodstream. Additionally, isopropylparaben, isobutylparaben, phenylparaben, benzylparaben, and phenylparaben all have major restrictions in Europe, Australia, and Japan. It's simple: By decreasing or eliminating your use of products with parabens in your wellness routine, you reduce your risk of disrupting your biological systems significantly.

If this information worries you, remember we always have choices in life. You can put an end to welcoming unnatural chemicals into your body. One of those choices can be finding replacement options that HEALFUL JOY offers to recenter your medicine cabinet. We encourage you to take a deep breath and investigate your bathroom products. What are you using on your hair? Your face? In your mouth? If you see the word "Methylparaben", "Ethylparaben," "Propylparaben," "Butylparaben," or, "Isobutylparaben," think about changing it up next time you shop. Nervous about feeling wasteful if you do find products you decide to toss right away? Think of the few minutes you could spend reading labels and choosing to only use natural, paraben-free products from now on. Imagine how much better you could feel every single day, simply putting your health first. Free yourself from harmful additives. We are so proud to promise you that with us, there’s no guessing and no gimmicks. Just great, healthy, clean, organic wellness products designed to lead you on



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