While I've always prided myself on taking great care of my body, mind, and spirit, when I became pregnant, the added element of growing and caring for another life was something that was both beautiful and, at times, stressful. While carrying children, every single cell of the body is constantly shifting to accommodate your baby's growth. Of course, that is something to be celebrated, but it can also impact how you feel in, and about the body as a whole. Anyone who has traveled down the road of pregnancy knows how suddenly and rapidly your body can shift, and self-care is essential to maintaining both your physical and mental health during that special time. When I was pregnant with my two boys, I knew I wanted to use a moisturizer that was great for my skin, but wouldn't impact my growing babes negatively. I’d tested numerous brands, some of which had many positive aspects, but couldn’t seem to satisfy my desire for healing, hydrating cream that had a pleasant scent, easy application, and soft texture without tons of additives. It all sounded lovely, but that product didn't exist! And so, I decided to make it myself.

When I created I AM Glowing, I was in search of a chemical-free, natural, nourishing route to protect my ever-stretching skin that seemed to be changing daily. I knew I was going to start with a base of unrefined Shea butter because the benefits of its use are loud and clear. Stemming from the Karite Tree, Shea butter intensely hydrates the skin and is safe to use all over the body, including the hair and lips. It's rich in vitamins A, E, and F, and contains antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging properties that solidified it as a necessary daily ingredient in my home years ago. Its skin conditioning agents are also so pure they're digestible, and Shea butter even provides a small dose of UV protection (3-4 SPF).

Soon, I experimented with various certified therapeutic grade essential oils, settling on the additions of jasmine, myrrh, lavender, and bergamot. Triple whipped with organic coconut oil and sweet almond oil, it was clear I’d created something special. After consistent use throughout both of my pregnancies, I had zero - count them, ZERO! - stretch marks! I was also still in awe of the way I AM Glowing felt on my body and how it made me feel as a whole. So, I continued using it, and have learned that what began as a preventative for stretch marks, is now a soothing, healthy solution for my entire body, including my hair. Most importantly, while I typically use I AM Powerful (HEALFUL JOY’s sensitive skin Shea butter) on my boys, I AM Glowing is my go-to for both boys under the age of 3 when I’m in between jars. It's one thing to use a product on yourself, it's a whole other to use it on your children. Near and dear to my heart, I AM Glowing has gone on to become my best-seller of all time, and I couldn’t be prouder! I deeply love and believe in this product, and can only hope you’ll take a chance and invite HEALFUL JOY’s

I AM GLOWING into your home today!

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